Baoji City HTY New Material Technology Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2013 which was named the largest-growing titanium precision manufactured and exproting company in BaoJi city - Chinese Titanium Valley. HTY concentrating on special metals precison manufacture for the automobile, bicycle,industrial, medical and EDC market. We sale our product to global market and good service to our customers. HTY are dedicated to provide our customer high quality product,manufactured the fastener as different international standards such as DIN,ANSI,JIS.We provide more professional service show the cnc processing with photo,videos update to customers.HTY have already servied over 1000 customers and will continue to do well. HTY continuously focus on quality and process improvements while maintaining ISO9001 certifications at all locations worldwide. Provide our customers with greater cost performance.Quality is not an option, but an absolute necessity.

titanium auto bolts and parts
titanium motocycle bolts and parts
titanium bicycle bolts and parts
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what are the difference between CNC machining bolts and hot forging titanium bolts?

what are the difference between CNC mach

1 Dimenision:The size of CNC machining boltsis more accurate and meet smaller tolerance.2

Forged motorcycle TC4  TIitanium screws

Forged motorcycle TC4 TIitanium screws

Among all the motorcycle aftermarket parts, the state of the art made of titanium is alway

GR5 titanium alloy Banjo bolts M10*1.0 Pitch

GR5 titanium alloy Banjo bolts M10*1.0 P

What is the purpose of a banjo bolt?

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